Persian United "Champions Over 40"

Persian United 2009 Champions Over 40 Division

Paykon of OC "Champions Over 48"

Paykon of OC 2009 Champions Over 48 Division

To all Managers and players who attended the 4th annual HB Unity Cup of Iran:

We would like to thank all the managers and players who attended this tournament in the beautiful City of Irvine. Wow, this was a very successful tournament. Everyone displayed great sportsmanship, fantastic high level of soccer in a great soccer facility. The weather and the ocean breeze made it that much more fun to play.

We had 10 Over 40 teams and 5 Over 48 teams. The Quarter final games were played under the lights in a very dramatic fashion and at the highest level of soccer we have seen for a long time!!

The Over 40 final match was between "Persian United" and "TAJ OF OC" which Persian United won it in the penalty kicks. Congratulation to Persian United of San Francisco, for winning the championship.

Over 48 Final was between "Dokhaniat of OC" vs. "Paykon of OC", where Paykon of OC won it 1-0. Congratulations to Paykon of OC for winning the championship.

The Referees, as always are the founding members of this tournament and without them, and their professional operation, this tournament could not be as successful as it is. We thank every single referee who came in and supported us throughout this tournament. Some came as far as Houston Texas to join us for the tournament.

Seaside Palace restaurant catered all of the food including hot "chelokabob" and cold cut sandwiches in a very professional manner. We thank Steve Razipour and his wonderful staff for their support and cooperation.

We are very happy that everyone enjoyed their stay in Orange County. Everyone came in with smiles in their faces, and left with the same smiles. We could not have asked for a better tournament and organization in the best time of the year, where playing soccer is the most enjoyable.

The folks in the city of Irvine were spectacular, allowing us to play in of the finest facilities that city has to offer.

Next year we are planning to expand the tournament to open division as well. We are planning to have 6 Open teams, 6 Over 48 and 10 Over 40 teams. This will allow the entire age spectrum to play and enjoy the tournament.

We look forward to seeing everyone next year in the same facility and have another memorable weekend.

Thanks Again

HB Unity Cup OF Iran


Ramin Ghazi & Ali Mohebbi

Dear Managers,

It is once again with great pleasure to announce the upcoming 4th annual HB Unity Cup Of Iran in Orange County Ca May 23rd, 24th and 25th of 2009.

This year we are happy to announce that we have contracted one of the best Fields in the best location of the city of Irvine.

It looks as if this gathering is picking up steam year after year and brings in more teams from different locations all to beautiful South Orange County Ca.

This year with the popular demand we have added an over 48 division catering to more of our friends and bringing more Synergy to the tournament.

We will have 12 teams in the over 40 Division and 8 teams in the over 48 division.
  • Each team to have up to 7 Non-Iranian players in the roster and or in the game at the same time
  • Over 40 Division to have up to 3 players over 35 ( born in 1974 or older)
  • Over 48 Division can have up to 3 Player over 45 (born in 1964 or older)
  • There will be a game between Honarmandan Vs Unity Select team before the first qtr final match in Sunday the 24th
NOTE: We have a list of "free Agent" players who are available to play for any team in any division necessary. Please let us know if you need any local players to fill the gaps in your team if any.

Please visit Guidelines page for more rules and regulations. We will update the website with the latest schedules, hotel selections and other related information with regards to this tournament, this week. We look forward to seeing you all here on May23rd.

We would like all of you to immediately contact Mr Ali Mohebbi at unitycupofiran@aol.com or contact him at (415)378-3558 OR contact me (Ramin Ghazi) at (949)257-8489 raminre@gmail.com to get signed in to the divisions.

We would like to keep the number of teams to 20 (12 over 40) and 8 (over 48) and do the drawing selection as soon as possible. We have the capacity, if the demand was there to go up to 12 teams in over 48 as well.

We have 70% of the teams confirmed. We look forward to hearing from the rest of you you guys soon.

Best Wishes

Ramin Ghazi
Ali Mohebbi

2009 tournament fields

2009 tournament fields

2009 tournament fields

2009 tournament fields

2009 tournament fields

2009 tournament fields