Ramin jan and Mr Mohebi:

Thanks for all your hospitality.(games, your house, words of encouragements..,etc).

Eveybody had a wondefull time, and they are all having withdrawl syndrom. Everybody is talking about "lets go next time". gorboneh shoma

Hamid (FC VOLEK) Pars of San Jose

To whom it May concern;

I like to be added to your news letter and have our team to participate in the next year event if possible.


Kamy Modarres


Thank you and the entire crew that you brought in to run the tournament. Despite the loss to Ardeshir in Semi, I really believe everyone enjoyed the weekend.

Please pass it on to the crew @ Unity Cup of Iran.


Mo Khorsandi

many many thanks again ramin ....
we had a wonderful time in your tournament and would love to do it again next year
pls give my regards to mr. mohebbi ....
hope to see u in the east coast very soon ....

mokhles, hessam
TOM MOUSSAVIAN ( Ararat New York)


Hello Sports Fans,

Before I start let me tell all that this is very first time that I got access to my machine since I am back from the tournament!!!

I am very happy that this event finished in a very classy manner, unlike anything we saw in past few years!!!5 Most of the credit goes to Ramin whom steadfastly worked and did not give up, there supposed to be 16 teams at the beginning but teams dropped one by one and we ended up with 10 and finally with 9 but Ramin did his work as if all the initial 16 attended , my kudos to Ramin GREAT JOB, then I have to thanks my dear friend Ali Mohebbi who worked just as hard and deserves lots of credit for such great event, and my thank goes to Heros whom I sincerely love , he is always " the man" for me, my memories of Heros goes way back when he was an official and a very good one, so all 3 guys deserve lots of credit. The tournament was a very good idea because I think we needed another tournament besides Jaame Doosti.

The timing of the tournament is great, weather was 70, not wind or harsh sun, it was so beautiful and the town was a nice town, Mission Viejo is a nice town with the exception of too many Republicans, everything else was great :-).

I also have to give credit to all the teams that attended and played, that was very nice of them. You never see me saying nice thing about a tournament after a loss in the final, but in this case I am not bitter at all because we lost to a very good team.

I thank all and every one of you , I am glad that everybody is healthy. Oh before I forget, this tournament was the only tournament that did NOT have any incidents, no fight or anything like that, it was a great gathering. Of course in Temecula there was no incident either but we all witnessed bad behavior in every other Iranian tournaments.

P.S. Can someone please forward this to Ramin, thanks?

Amir Hejazi (Alborz San Jose)

Since I was an active participant in both tourneys I'll give my rendition of the festivities over the weekend.

Jaame Etehad (Iran)

Overall rating: This was a great event not just because my team played well and came in 2nd. But the settings, weather and overall atmosphere were fantastic. My hat is off to Ramin for all his efforts and bringing everyone together and making our friendships that much stronger.

Teams: We started with 10 teams, but 2 dropped out due to lack of players. Four teams made it to the semi-final round. The match-up were
Alborz San Jose vs. Pars San Jose (Alborz won 5-3)
Mehregan VS. Taj O.C. (Mehregan won 3-1)
Final: Mehregan vs. Alborz (Mehregan won 2-0)

Fields: We played in two fields. One of them was superb and the other was good (but not as good as the first one).

Weather: Superb. Overcast in the mornings, sunny in the afternoon, temps in the low 70th. No wind (just a pleasant ocean breeze).

Organization: Ramin did a great job of organizing and everything went smoothly (i.e clockwork). With so much on his mind, Ramin did a great of directing the tournament and I can say without hesitation, everybody enjoyed themselves. I think this will be THE tourney to play in for the coming years.

Ghorbaneh Hamegi, -Mohsen Hosseini (Alborz Of San Jose)

Dear Ramin Ghazi, Ali Mohebbi and Heros Baghoumian,

On behalf of every one in OC Taj organization I would like to thank you for all of your whole hearted effort in organizing a great tournament. There is no doubt that with such dedicated individuals and their team sprit this cup will become one of the best events of its kind. Please do not hesitate to call on us if we can assist you in any way in the future. We are looking forward to the second year!

Thanks again,

Saeed Tafreshi (Taj Of OC)

Good morning Ramin jan,

Thank you for all your hard work to put this event together. I can only imagine how much time and effort it took to get everyone aboard and coordinated.
I can't wait to see all the pictures and films from the tournament.

Thanks again

Amir Khashayar (Taj Of OC)

Hello everyone,

First of all I would like to personally thank Ramin for putting together a great soccer tournament and bringing all friends together. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to organize games like this. I am grateful and am looking forward to the next tournament. Ramin jan, thank You.

I wanted to also thank Amir for putting a great team together. It is not easy to have 18-20 high level players come together for 3 days and play as a team. Believe me I have been his roommate for the last several tournaments and I see the hard work with my own eyes. Amir jan, Thank You

Last but not least, I want to thank all my team mates for helping win the Golden Boot Award. Everyone deserves a part of that award and I couldn't have done it without you guys. Its too bad we finished 2nd place at the games but with every exciting win comes a bitter defeat and that's how a team grows stronger. So let's get ready for the end of the season and let's win the cup final and get ready for labor day tournament.


Eddie KhanGhaldian (Alborz Of San Jose)

Thanks for your management and coordination on this tournament. It is very hard to handle all of these responsibilities, in spite of the other problems that you had during this period, but you done it perfectly, congratulation!!!
I like to share with you this kind of responsibility for the next tournament. I am proud of you. Thanks again for everything
Hopefully see you guys very soon.

"shahin shahriari"