Jame Takhte Jamshied

  1. Over 35 Division
  2. Over 50 Division
  3. Both divisions will register 20 players on their roster.
  4. Over 35 division teams can register 5 players over 30 years of age and Over 50 Division teams can register 5 players over 45 year of age. Their will be no restriction on players nationality in either division. Roster stays open prior to the knock out stage. Teams can add or drop players as long as players have not played for any other team in a same division and there is slot open on the roster.
  5. All players must sign the roster form prior to their first game.
  6. All players must have valid identification ID (Driver license) for their age and roster verification at the tournament director’s request, unable to provide proper verification at the time of request, will result in forfeiting the match. Players must carry valid ID at all times.
  7. All managers will be responsible for the player’s age verification.
  8. There will be no alcoholic beverages on the premises.
  9. No players will be allowed to play or register for two different teams in a same division at any time.
  10. Any player or team official (i.e. coach, managers, trainers, etc.) who verbally or physically attacks the referees, assistant referees or tournament official will be banned from the tournament and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
  11. All teams must be ready to compete at the assigned scheduled time at the designated field. There will be (5) - minute grace period. Team will forfeit their match, if they do not have minimum of seven (7) players within the grace period.
  12. Individuals are expected to play under control, with in the rules of the game and to best of their ability to avoid causing injury to themselves and others.
  13. All coaches and Managers should be present at the field, one hour prior to their 1st tournament match.
  14. The release form signed by the managers is due prior to the first game and Rosters must be signed by players prior to their first game.
  15. We encourage all the managers and the coaches to familiarize, themselves with guideline and policy as well as tournament rules.
  16. Any teams forfeit their third games of the preliminary to gain unfair advantage against opponent in the knock out stage, will be disqualify from further participation in the tournament.
  17. There will be $200.00 fine to the team manager if his player is involved in fighting or retaliation. Team will not play the next game until fine is paid. Players received red card for fighting and retaliation are disqualify from further participation.