Tournament Rules
Jame Takhte Jamshid
  1. All games will be considered as Final and no Protests will be allowed.
  2. Tournament will be played under FIFA rules with some modification.
  3. Duration of games:
    a.  Preliminary Games: Two (30 Min. halves) No over time.
    b.  Knock out stages: Two (30 Min. halves) No over time. Tiebreaker will be the FIFA Penalty Kick.
    c.  Championship Game: Two (35 Min. halves) No over time. Tiebreaker will be the FIFA Penalty Kick.
  4. Players:
    All players must wear matching soccer uniforms and the Same jersey number That is listed on the roster. If the team colors are the same, the home Team must change. Home teams are listed first on the schedule.
  5. Red Card:
    A player ejected (red card) from the game will be suspended for the duration of The game and the following game or games, depending on the referee’s report.
    A second red card offence on the same player will automatically disqualify Player for the reminder of the tournament. Player receive Red card for fighting Will be disqualify from tournament.
  6. Yellow Card:
    A player who receives a three (3) yellow card during the tournament will Automatically suspended from the next game.
  7. Substitutions:
    There will be unlimited substitution, by the referee’s discretion.
    1. On the goal kick
    2. On the half time
    3. When the goal is scored
    4. Injury
    5. Player is receiving a card (only the players have received card)
    6. On a throw-in by the team has the position. Opposing team can sub as well.
  8. Point System:
    • Win = 3 points
    • Tie = 1 point
    • Loss = 0 points
    • Score on the forfeit game will be 3-0
    • There will be a (5) min grace period to start the mach, with minimum of (7) players.
  9. Preliminary Game Tiebreakers:
    1. Goal Differential
    2. Goals Scored
    3. Head to Head
    4. Coin Toss
  10. The Tournament directors and referee Coordinator shall settle all disputes.